What are your strengths?  If you have not read the previous post List of Strengths: 65 Examples of Personal Strengths start there.  When you are ready with your TOP 3 STRENGTHS we can dive into the interview question.


What is your greatest strength?

Now is your time to shine!  You have landing the interview and they ask you about your strengths.  What should you say?  Should you tell them about your ability to fill out winning brackets in March?  Should you tell them you are a hard worker?

Don’t make this question harder than it is.  The question is asking about your accomplishments.  What you are good at.  What you can bring to the table.

It’s time to brag.  This question allows the interviewer to learn more about your strengths that are not in your resume.  Do you know what the #1 reason they ask this question?

Why do they ask the strength question?

They want to know if you will be a good fit for the job and will excel in the position.

They want to make sure they are hiring the right person.  There is only so much time in an interview.  The interviewer wants you to highlight your key achievements.  They will then assess if those strengths will mesh well with the job description.

RESEARCH THE JOB FIRST!  This is an area a lot of candidates forget.  They spend a few seconds reading the job posting and send off their resume.  They show up for the job and haven’t prepared.

#1 Mistake… Not relating your answer for “what are your strengths” to the position you are interviewing for.  You can have a polished answer, but without providing a benefit to the company its useless.

How the strengths question is brought up

Tell me a little about yourself

This is probably the #1 first interview question asked.  It is an ice breaker, but should not be dismissed.  This is usually their first impression of you so make it count.  This is a great way to plug one of your strengths right out of the gate.

Answer the question before it is asked.  The question above is a great way to highlight an achievement, strength or skills you posses that you can latter refer to in the interview.

Why should we hire you?

Why should we choose you over someone else?

What makes you the best candidate?

These are very common interview questions.  Want to know how to answer them?

THE ANSWER IS YOUR STRENGTHS.  Sometimes they will ask more than one variation so its a good idea to have multiple answers ready.  Knowing your top 3 strengths is a great way to have backup answers.

Top 3 Strengths

Step 1:  Find and understand your top 3 strengths.

Step2:  Craft job specific answers relating to your strengths.

Step 3:  Describe how the company will benefit from your strengths.

The goal is to find your top 3 strengths for the job/career/field you are applying for.  I am sure your list of strengths is far longer than 3, but we want to be specific.  Applying for a managerial position?  You may want to highlight your leadership qualities.  Applying for an accounting position?  You may want to highlight specific accounting program skills.

How to answer the strengths question

Find one or two things in the job posting that you can relate your answer to.  Mention you saw a specific skill they want to see and make sure you WOW them with an example.  Examples are key when referring to your strengths.  As well as describing how you can help the company.



Why should we hire you?

Your answer:

I see in your job posting you are looking for an individual with exceptional customer service skills.  Interacting with clients and providing an outstanding experience with your company is one of the reasons I am applying.  I have enjoyed the challenges of having to problem solve with a client in my past positions.  I was the leading sales rep for acquiring online customer reviews in my previous position and look forward to bringing these skills to your company.

3 Step System

Step 1: Emphasizing an item listed in the job description shows your aware of the requirements.

Step 2: Providing concrete examples makes you stand out.

Step 3: Showing how this can help their company will push you to the top of their list.


I mentioned in the What are your Weaknesses article that it’s okay to pause before answering.  When answering a question geared towards your strengths make sure to answer with confidence and don’t think to long.

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Have you had an interview recently?  Comment below with an example of how the “What are your Strengths” question was brought up.  This will help others see different ways the strengths question is asked.