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The infamous interview question, what are you strengths and weaknesses?  It seams this question haunts college students and job interviewees the most, but why?  Your strengths are your accomplishments in life.  Its time to take a second and brag about your self.  Your weaknesses, a chance to demonstrate your problem solving skills.  In this Ultimate Guide to Finding Your Strengths and Weaknesses we will explore endless possibilities of answers for your next interview or a way to merely understand yourself better.

Knowing what your strengths and weaknesses are is the first step.  Knowing how to use them to your advantage is the second.  It’s time to learn how to utilize your strengths and reduce the presence of your weaknesses.

The interview question you fear, is actually the easiest question of them all.  No one knows yourself better than you,  so take your time and reflect.  Do you love working in teams?  Do you find yourself gravitating toward leading a group when you are with friends?

These leadership characteristics will land you a job some day.  You just need to know how to utilize and share your story with your future employer.  Knowing your strengths and weaknesses does not end with finding a job.

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Pursuing Personal Development is one of the most gratifying things you can do in your down time.  Your journey to acquire knowledge should never end after you leave the classroom.  Personal Development is a way to hone your strengths day after day.  The books listed above are great tools to use in improving your life.  If you read only one book I would read The 4 Hour Workweek.  The book may change the way you look at your future career and open your mind to endless possibilities.  These are recommendations.  You can see the full book reviews here.

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How to answer: what are your strengths? A job interview can be a scary situation, but talking about your strengths shouldn’t be.  This is a chance to focus on the characteristics that make you, YOU!  Analytical, driven to lead, work well with teams, persistent… the list goes on and on.  This is also a chance to show how can mitigate your weaknesses through your strengths.  If you don’t know the answer to what are your strengths, take some time to read the endless possibilities on this site.  There is an extensive list on our List of Strengths page.  Interested in learning THE ONE answer for this interview question?  Click Here!

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How to answer: what are your weaknesses?  This is a loaded question isn’t it?  Your in a room with a stranger or a group of strangers and they want you to explain your inadequacies.  You went from a feeling great during the first half of the interview to sweaty palms and a disappearing smile.  It shouldn’t be like this.  The first step to feeling comfortable when answer this question is knowing your weaknesses ahead of time.  You need to prepare for these questions.  You can find a full list on our List of Weaknesses page.  Interested in learning how to deflect this one question into your strengths every time?  Find out how here!

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  • Dedicated

  • Compassionate

  • Team Player

  • Analytical

  • Quick Learner

Find the complete list of strengths here.  Strengths are a great item to highlight during an interview.  They are also your strongest asset when it comes to accomplishing your goals.  Knowing a few of your top strengths will help you have a successful interview and achieve success.

See The Full List Of Strengths Here
  • Procrastination

  • Strong-Willed

  • Impatient

  • Cautious

  • Passive

Find the complete list of weaknesses here.  Everyone has weaknesses.  If you think you don’t yours is being stubborn.  Weaknesses can change just like strengths, and they shouldn’t be used to label your personality or character.  Utilizing your strengths to minimize your weaknesses is the goal.

See The Full List Of Weaknesses Here

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